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Riedel - History that's been in the making

For the ultimate in wine enjoyment, choose a glass which best fulfils your needs. We offer you various choices.

Choose your wine from the wine list on the left hand side and get our recommendation. We have every variable to find the perfect glass - made by Riedel.

Where did Riedel start?

Claus Riedel was the first person in the long history of the glass to design its shape according to the character of the wine. He is thus the inventor of the functional wine glass.

A positive approach to life is linked to pleasure and enjoyment. Pleasure is given by our senses like sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Experience how our glass makers create a true "zest for life" out of the versatile material of glass.

Make a journey through our world of glasses and senses. On the following internet pages you will find detailed information about our glass creations and our unique philosophies on the ultimate enjoyment of wine.

Riedel Design - not just a glass, a drinking pleasure:

The glasses are designed to emphasize a wine’s harmony, not faults. Riedel has always viewed the wine glass as an instrument to bring together: the personality of the wine, smell, taste, appearance.

To fully appreciate the different grape varieties and the subtle characteristics of individual wines, it is essential to have a glass which has a shape fine-tuned for the purpose. The shape is responsible for the quality and intensity of the bouquet and the flow of the wine.

The initial contact point depends on the shape and volume of the glass, the diameter of the rim, and its finish (whether it is a cut and polished or rolled edge) as well as the thickness of the crystal.

As you put your wine glass to your lips, your taste buds are on the alert. The wine flow is directed onto the appropriate taste zones of your palate and consequently leads to different taste pictures. Once your tongue is in contact with the wine three messages are transmitted at the same time: temperature, texture and taste.