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How to Wash and Polish Wine Glasses

Washing and polishing wine glasses is a skill like any other.  Careful handling of your used glasses will significantly prolong the brilliance of your glass.  If you don’t break your glass, it could last you a lifetime.

When looked at under a microscope crystal has microscopic pores which on which odours and stains can rest or collect, making the glass bowl take on colours and odours from such things as cardboard storage boxes, soap, chlorine etc. So it is important smell the glass empty, before use.

A dishwasher is safe to use as long as you take the following into account.

If your glass is leaded, heat and water bring lead oxide out of glass. This is one of the reasons glass can go cloudy over time.

  1. Never soak lead crystal.
  2. Use a cool quick wash.
  3. Only wash glass with glass – never plates and cutlery. Food particles are the other reason glass may go cloudy.
  4. Use a fine particle or better modern gel dishwasher detergent.
  5. Use a glass protector, which is now in many brands of detergent.
  6. Ensure you have the correct level of salt and rinse aid added to your machine. Even when using modern 5 in 1 tablets.

To wash glasses by hand:

  1. Wash under warm water. Very dilute detergent is only needed if there is food or lipstick stains on the rim.
  2. Place upside down on a cloth to dry.
  3. For extra shine, steam over boiling water then use a polishing cloth.
  4. Hold glass by the base and polish the stem and base.
  5. Use your left hand to cradle the bowl and polish bowl with your right hand never twist the base and bowl.
  6. Never wash/polish glasses after you have had a drink.

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