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Transtherm Ermitage

Transtherm ‘Ermitage’ with glass door
h1810 x w680 x d680 (mm)

A Transtherm wine cabinet will look after your wine very well. It is constructed and designed differently to a EuroCave branded cabinet.

Reinforced insulation
The walls of the cabinets are made of three successive insulating barriers. The internal walls are made of insulating and shock resistant polystyrene, The robust exterior walls are are reinforced at the corners by insulating sections. The 4.5 cm thick high density expanded foam which is injected, ensures optimal insulation.

Automatic temperature control
When the ambient temperature rises above the ideal wine preservation temperature, a cold circuit, driven by a very slow cycle compressor mounted on silent-blocks, comes into action. The cold circuit coil, made of aluminium, is within the aluminium back wall of the cabinet, for a better temperature distribution. In case of a drop of temperature, an electrical resistance, which is also within the back wall, will come into action and automatically increase the temperature.

Adapted humidity
Bottle corks need specific hygrometric conditions in order not to dry out. The thermal pump (Transtherm exclusivity) allows hot humid air to be obtained automatically. Natural condensation on the back wall records a hygrometric value between 55 and 80%.

Natural ventilation
In order to avoid the mould phenomenon, which would generate bad odours and risk deteriorating the corks, Transtherm cabinets have natural permanent ventilation, based on the principal of the thermal pump.

Absence of vibration
The fact that slow and stable compressors are selected, which are separate from the cabinet body, eliminates any residual vibration.

What is the difference between a Eurocave ‘PURE’ and a ‘Prestige’ Transtherm?

Both ranges benefit from a constant accurate temperature and humidity, R600 coolant, illuminated advanced digital displays, metal interior lining and rolling shelves.

The differences are:

Door type – frameless glass door is exclusive to PURE.

Each bottle sits on its own support platform on a rolling shelf in a Eurocave branded cabinet.

Vertical distance between shelves is better adjusted to larger 750ml bottles in a PURE cabinet.

The % humidity is not displayed on any Transtherm product, though an appropriate humidity is maintained. It is displayed on a PURE screen.

The Elegance range from Transtherm is a plastic lined cabinet, with non-rolling wooden shelves, fixed shelf height placement and a basic digital temperature display only.


Please contact us to understand the difference between a Transtherm wine cabinet and a Eurocave branded cabinet.