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Riedel Crystal

Riedel Crystal

The benchmark in wine glass shape - ensuring the perfect flavour of your wine.

Riedel's glass making history dates back to 1678 in northern Bohemia, and 11 generations have been involved in the family business.

Over 300 years later Riedel are making the finest wine glasses combining optimum glass shape, for maximum flavour delivery, with exquisite balance and looks.

Riedel glasses are a pleasure to drink from and are famous for changing the quality of your wine drinking experience. Indulge yourself!

Consult the in-house wine experts on hand to advise you about the best glass for your wine.

There is a glass to suit every variety of wine in each range. Please choose a range and filter your requirements accordingly.


Riedel Gift Pack Offers
Riedel Sommeliers
[Image] Riedel Sommeliers
Mouth Blown,
from £65
Sommeliers Black Tie
[Image] Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie
Mouth Blown,
Black Stem,
from £65
Riedel Vinum
[Image] Riedel Vinum
Machine Made,
Best Selling,
from £15
Riedel Vinum XL
[Image] Riedel Vinum XL
Over-sized Vinum
from £25
Riedel 'O'
[Image] Riedel 'O'
Non-Lead, Stemless,
from £10
Riedel Vitis
[Image] Riedel Vitis
Pulled Stem,
Diamond Shape,
from £30

Riedel Ouverture
[Image] Riedel Ouverture
Non-lead, Entry Level,
from £10

Riedel Decanters
[Image] Riedel Decanters
Traditional and Modern
from £35
Riedel Accessories
[Image] Riedel Accessories
Cloths and Bags
Riedel Restaurant
[Image] Riedel Decanters
For the Restaurant Trade