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Rokos 13° 60° 104° Decanter Small

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Rokos 13° 60° 104° Decanter Small

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Product Description


Holds regular wine bottle (0.75 litres)
Diameter: 170mm, Borosilicate Glass
RedDot design award winner 2012
Mouth-blown and formed by hand in the UK, without the use of moulds. Due to the extensive work required to make each piece, decanters are only produced in limited runs of 20, four times per year.

Why 13° 60° 104°? Three possible angles at which the decanter can sit.

At 13°, the decanter begins the evening sober. As drinking progresses, at 60° the decanter is a little tipsy. By the end of the evening, it sits at a relaxed 104°.

The pour is extremely smooth, no glugging, and the indentations provide excellent grip and control. This decanter is poured by holding the body, not the neck.

Its lightweight and compact design make it suitable for any environment and its ability to sit at 3 different angles make it an eye catching piece whether in use or not.

The decanters are free blown on a lathe by a lamp worker, at a scientific laboratory glassware manufacturer, who normally make chemistry apparatus. Rokos has found the only man in the country with the skill to make the 13° 60° 104° decanter. Borosilicate glass is more resistant to thermal shock than other glass.
Borosilicate is referred to as 'hard glass' and has a higher melting point (approximately 1650 degrees Celsius) than 'soft glass'.

Because the decanters are hand made, there is variation between pieces and small air bubbles sometimes form, normally in the 13° base - a desirable sign that they are not produced by machine.

Additional Information

Brand/Manufacturer Rokos
Crystal Non lead
Volume 750 ml
Manufacture Method Mouth blown