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To enjoy drinking wine, you need more than a good bottle. Just as the Japanese have a tea ceremony, where the proper application of etiquette and equipment are paramount, drinking wine benefits from appropriate conduct. Assuming the wine has been cellared well and not served too warm or too cold, various accessories are needed to open the bottle and serve the wine.

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Zalto Comparison
The Question of the Proper Glass - Stern 2009 (PDF)

We consider Zalto to be the finest glass range we offer. Mouth blown glass is always finer, and better balanced than machine made glass as well as being able to achieve shapes that cannot be achieved by machine. Zalto is the thinnest, yet one of the strongest ranges available in the world. This is achieved through a unique combination of materials used in the glass manufacture, plus extended cooling time of the glass during production, which effectively toughens the glass. Whenever we do glass tastings, Zalto always delivers the best flavours. Once you drink from and handle a Zalto glass, everything else will feel clumsy and heavy. You can feel the wine in the glass, rather than solely feeling the weight of the glass itself. Using Zalto is addictive.


Preserve an open bottle of wine
Want to drink responsibly and stretch a bottle fo fine wine over 2 or 3 nights? Here's how. - How to preserve an open bottle of wine?


How to Wash and Polish Wine Glasses


There are hundreds of corkscrews on the market, all working in different ways. Decide if you want one to carry around with you and whether you want to buy a new one every few months as cheap ones fall apart. Corkscrews are subjected to quite an amount of force, so need good build quality. The length of the screw and the lever should be substantial enough to easily extract the cork.
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Riedel Wine Glass
The wine glass makes all the difference to the taste of the wine. Riedel are famous for having perfected the wine glass shape, bringing out the best in the wine
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Filtered Funnel & Decanter
All wine should be decanted and the funnel helps with the pouring, aeration and the removal of sediment.
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Foil Cutter
Don’t remove the whole foil capsule. This is equivalent to ripping off the label from the bottle before you have drunk the wine. The capsule is part of the appearance of the bottle and should be treated as such.
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Wine Stoppers
A smart stopper is far more attractive than pushing the cork back in and will stop spillage if you accidentally knock the bottle over.
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Wine Serving
Olly Smith - Daily Mail: Don’t play it cool when it comes to chilling your wine