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The shape of any wine glass affects the taste of the wine drunk from it. Your tongue can distinguish five distinct tastes and your nose can differentiate between 10 000 different smells. The speed and concentration that the aroma of wine is delivered to the nose and the way the wine is spread on the tongue dramatically affects the drinkers enjoyment. EuroCave UK only offers wine glasses that bring out the best in wine.

A couple of good tips are to buy glasses that you can afford to break and buy a glass roughly equal to the value of your bottle of wine.

Many people are prepared to spend a considerable sum on a bottle but then do not do it justice with an appropriate glass.  What is the point in drinking fine wine yet not enjoying it at its best?

Zalto is a favourite at EuroCave UK and in our opinion the best wine glass producer in the world. Specialising in durable, non-lead mouth blown crystal, the balance, and weight of the glass means that the vessel almost disappears. The expression of flavour from these glasses is second to none.