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Welcome to EuroCave UK

EuroCave UK is the specialist destination for the wine lover. Unique as a retail business, it is the home of EuroCave wine storage solutions, leading brands of crystal wine glassware including Riedel, Zalto, Schott-Zwiesel and Stolzle plus an extensive collection of the finest tried and tested wine accessories. A place for the wine enthusiast to indulge their passion and talk about wine, whilst seeking advice on all aspects of buying, storing, serving and pouring their wine. To enjoy drinking wine, you need more than a good bottle. Just as the Japanese have the tea ceremony, where the proper application of etiquette and equipment is paramount, drinking wine benefits from appropriate conduct. Even the enjoyment of the most everyday bottle of wine can be enhanced by the correct choice of glass, accessory, temperature, food and company.

All wine should be stored/cellared at the same temperature and it is this single temperature environment at which the EuroCave brand excels. One of the most common misconceptions we encounter from consumers is that they need “1 for their red and 1 for their white”. This is because the majority of ‘fridge’ manufacturers only manufacture multi-temperature drinking solutions, quite understandably for a market that consumes 80% of its wine within 8 hours of purchase and where only 3% of wine retails for more than £8 per bottle.

The core of our business is the sale of EuroCave wine storage cabinets. These differ from a fridge in many ways including the fact that they heat, so that if placed in a freezing garage, the contents are still at a cellar temperature of around 12ºC. The most popular cabinets are 1 temperature, but dual, triple and multi-temperature units are also offered in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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By having suitable wine storage at home the wine enthusiast can then build up a cellar of wine, hopefully show considerable patience and keep some of it until mature.

EuroCave UK is one of the few destinations you can personally visit to receive well-informed opinions on the right glass in which to serve your wine, or indeed any aspect of wine and wine drinking. The glass you drink from makes a huge difference to the flavour and enjoyment of wine.